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Flow. Tread. Splash. Climb. View.


Portraits During Adventure…

The Studio – “Monstro”

About the Experience:

We’ll Hike, climb, paddle, soak in hot springs, & traverse the epic terrain in Black Canyon of the Mojavé Desert! (2-5 miles hike, 2-5 miles paddle).

Our Process:

1) Pre-Production Meeting:

Let’s “dream up” the adventure & images YOU want!

Locals meet in studio. Non locals meet online.
Fun, relaxed, NO-obligation.

We’ll show you how to transform your living space w/ wall art from your session. The shoot is crazy awesome & you’re going to love what we have to share – We can’t wait to meet!

Finish page & then request appointment below.

2) Adventure Session

And so it begins… With our plan in place, we’ll deliver on the adventure & images we dreamed up during our Pre-Production Meeting!

3) Presentation Meeting

3-5 days after, we’ll meet in Monstro to present the epic visuals!

Visitors meet on the strip at their hotel.
Locals meet at our standard address.

We’ll guide you through ordering beautiful wall art and albums from the images. This is the final meeting & the time to place your order.

3 weeks later your artwork arrives ready to add the beauty of this magical place to your home decor…

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Black Canyon
Adventure Photo Shoot

USD $250 person – min 2

Epic Paddling Hiking Experience
like a commercial photo shoot
for Patagonia or Red Bull!

  • Scenery that will blow your mind
  • All Paddling & Hiking Gear
    + Water snacks & Gatorade
  • NPS Certified Guide
  • Transportation to and from Strip for $39 per person
  • Pre-Shoot meeting in the studio
  • Post Shoot presentation in the studio

Pre-Production Meeting

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